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Programmer CH341 USB EEPROM SOIC8 SOP8
  • Programmer CH341 USB EEPROM SOIC8 SOP8
  • Programmer CH341 USB EEPROM SOIC8 SOP8

Programmer CH341 USB EEPROM SOIC8 SOP8


1x CH341 USB programmer

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Programmer CH341 USB EEPROM SOIC8 SOP8

Programmer CH341 USB EEPROM SOIC8 SOP8

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USB programmer CH341

supports systems:

  • 24 EPROMs
  • 25 SPI FLASH 8/16 pin

Automatic system detection

Two modes of operation (jumper)

  • recording mode - programming
  • read mode

The most popular memories it supports:

  • A25L05P, A25L10P, A25L20P, A25L40P, A25L80P, A25L16P
  • AT25DF041A, AT25DF321, AT25F004, AT25F512A, AT25F2048, AT25F4096, AT25F1024A, AT25FS010, AT25FS040, AT26DF081A, AT26DF161A, AT26DF321, AT26F004
  • EN25B05, EN25P05, EN25B10, EN25P10, EN25BF20, EN25P20, EN25F20, EN25B40, EN25P40, EN25F40, EN25B80, EN25P80, EN25F80, EN25T80, EN25B16, EN25P16, EN25B32, EN25P32, EN25B64, EN25P64
  • ES25P10, ES25P20, ES25P40, ES25P80, ES25P16, ES25P32
  • M25P05A, M25P10A, M25P20, M25P40, M25P80, M25P16, M25P32, M25P64, M25PE10, M25PE20, M25PE40, M25PE80, M25PE16, M25PE32, M45PE10, M45PE20, M45PE40, M45PE80, M45PE16, M45PE32
  • MX25L512, MX25L1005, MX25L2005, MX25V4005, MX25L4005A, MX25V8005,MX25L8005, MX25L12805D, MX25L1605, MX25L3205, MX25L6405, MX25L6445, MX25L6405 (SOP16)
  • NX25P10, NX25P20, NX25P40, NX25P80, NX25P16, NX25P32
  • Pm25LV512, Pm25LV010, Pm25LV020, Pm25LV040, Pm25LV080, Pm25LV016, Pm25LV032, Pm25LV064
  • SA25F005, SA25F010, SA25F020, SA25F040, SA25F080, SA25F160, SA25F320
  • W25P10, W25X10, W25Q10, W25P20, W25X20, W25Q20, W25P40, W25X40, W25Q40, W25P80, W25X80, W25Q80, W25P16, W25X16, W25Q16, W25P32, W25X32, W25Q32, W25P64, W25X64, W25Q64

We also offer matching this programmer:

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  • Smd adapter WSON8 ANDK QFN8 DFN8 to DIP
  • Adapter socket adapter SOP8 DIP SMD 150mm

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